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Tokyo nights expose'!!!!!!!
tokyo tower
Well i promised a long time ago i'd upload pictures of japan. Thanks to LJ's new user friendly way of doing it, I will pull through with my promise!

Some of these are mine, some are my friend Preston's (his are the better ones >.>) I also made a slide-show video using one of my fave Rip Slyme songs, Tales (and i follow the "tales" theme in the slideshow. some lines are corny i warn you...)

lets see if I still remember how to cut.....

Subway rightside up

My fave pic from inside the subway car. I think that hot chick is checkin me out.

We met some cool people. The guy and gal in the background are engaged. Of course he is stationed in tokyo. Roppongi is "the only place to party" apparently.

This bar was called rooster. That is the Beatles on the t.v. in the background. You can see me and Ben in this pic.

Ice bar, tokyo!

Now here is a touristy place, Ice Bar, tokyo! Everything is made out of ice, the walls (well there are REAL walls on the other side....) the bar, the shelves, the seating....even the cups (as you can see).it was something like 40 bucks to get in, which includes parka and glove rental, your first glass and drink. can only be in there for a short time, due to safety reasons. One of the few cool places in Roppongi.

prestons. Tall mofos

Preston wanted a pic of how tall he was compared to the ....whatever they're called. This was actually in the "backyard" of our hotel, Hotel Okura. Great hotel, but if you don't want to pay 12 bucks for a glass of OJ, might wanna go with a 3 or 4 star hotel instead.

Prestons. I like like rei
I like rei ayanami, so sue me. Plenty of her can be found in Akihabara (technology and Otaku district) Check out my stylish Otaku Happy Hour shirt!

why are the cute girls so far from me
I'm a bit of a perv, so a lot of my subway shots are stalker-ish. The goal was the girl in the short-shorts, but i think i like the "business dressed" one in the foreground more. At any rate, these pictures turned out to be better then i hoped, as far as remember the subway system.

korean bbq place.  that is a grill

Check out the Korean BBQ! Chouji would be proud. We're getting ready to put our beef and pork on the grill (yes you cook it yourself). very expensive...i ended up paying for the whole thing because Ben and Preston's escapades in Roppongi left them near broke (that is a story for another time).

sephiroth encased in preservative gels...okay its just a statue
Beware, in the Square-Enix building you will find a life-size sephiroth. Sorry to make you turn your head. I can get a better picture up later.

me drinking said 1 liter of beer

1 liter of beer!! I finished mine first btw :P

Thats it for the photos!! There are a crapton more on my myspace.
this link should work i think. I have them up on my facebook too. But you'll need to add me first, which you are welcome to do. Just search Steven Vandre

now for my video. Please watch it and rate it and comment it and whatnot!!!

This is not my favorite cut of the video, it's just the best i could do to get it up on youtube. If i ever fix After effects I'll re-upload a better version.

The End!! I hope the myspace image links work. If not i'll have to re-work it >:-( so if it doesn't work give me a sec to finish it. Leave comments please!

Edit: Images fixed. I guess i should put them up on photobucket so that i can upload the full pics and not the myspace thumbs. I am sorry for the inconvenience! better then nothing neh? but like i said the rest of the pics are on myspace.