Wasted Words

A type K offense.

14 June
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Name: Steven James Vandre
Age: 21
Weight: 178 pounds
Height: 6' 4"
hair: dark brown
eyes: hazel
build: skinny

Current major: Multimedia (2 year) possibly Game Design (1 1/2 more years after 2 year)
Attending: ITT

I play guitar
I write poetry (see type_k_offense)
I write reviews and PSO articles (see rappyrapport)
I read my bible but thats about it
I am really into anime.
I like a few bands very loyaly but I don't give other bands a chance
I am somewhat anti-social
I work Third shift at a Heat Treat

The following lists are sorely outdated...and I don't really intend to update them
Anime: This is the complete list (or as complete as I can get) of the anime I own:
Ah My Godess! the movie, Armitage III, Betterman (6 DVDs), Black Jack, Chobits (3 CD bootleg), Cowboy Bebop (3 Cd bootleg) Dragon Ball GT (first 2 DVDs), Dragon Ball Z: the Return of Kooler, Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz, Final Fantasy Unlimited collectors box w/ 3 DVDs, FLCL perfect collection (yes, with collectors box) plus FLCL DVD 1, Full Metal Panic Collectors box and 6 DVDs, Gasaraki DVD 1, Hellsing (4 DVDs), Infinite Ryvius Collectors box + 2 DVDs, Kite (cheap, butchered DVD), Love Hina Perfect collection (7 DVDs, 2 movies and 1 OAV) but alas no box, Macross Plus movie Edition (subbed Manga release), Martian Successor Nadesico (3 DVD bootleg), Najica Blitz Tactics COMPLETE DVD BOX SET (3 DVDs), Neo Ranga COMPLETE DVD BOX SET (6 DVDs), Neon Genesis Evangelion (3 DVD bootleg), both Neon Genesis Evangelion movies (1 disc bootleg), THE COMPLETE 7 DVD Noir BOX SET! (the first collection I've ever completed!), Please! Teacher collectors box + 1 DVD, THE COMPLETE 7 DVD Rahxephon BOX SET! (second ever collection I've completed), S-cry-ed collectors box + 4 DVDs, THE COMPLETE Saiyuki FIRST ARC DVD BOX SET! (third ever collection I've completed, 6 DVDs), Saiyuki second arc Box + DVD 7, Sakura Wars T.V. Collectors Box + 4 DVDs, Sakura Wars the Movie Limited Edition, The Soultaker (complete collection, 4 DVDs), Trigun (3 DVD bootleg), Voices of a Distant Star, Witch Hunter Robin collectors box + 2 DVD

Total anime: 106 DVDs (right on the nose!)
Collectors Boxes still working on: 8 (soon to be 10)
Collectors Boxes finished: 5
Interests for anime in the future: Excel Saga, Last Exile, Haibane Renmei

Some of my favorite bands:
311, Alice in Chains, Audioslave, Beatles, Chris Cornell, Cowboy Bebop OSTs* (Okay, Yoko Kano's stuff in general), Filter, Foo Fighters, Full on the Mouth, Hammerbox, The Hollies, Billy Idol, KMFDM, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Noir OSTs*, Paw, Pearl Jam, Presidents of the United States of America, Queens of the Stone Age, Rage Against the Machine, Silverchair, Frank Sinatra, Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden*, Swervedriver*, Therapy?, Van Halen, Verve Pipe, Zwan, Rob Zombie
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